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We designed new take on the Android and iOS apps for a Home Automation company. Our goal was that the user is always in a direct control of their smart home.

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We redesigned the web portal, which also led us to changing the pricing model to better communicate the added value of the Valossa's service.

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We applied conversational elements in the garage service to design better experience for users.

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We designed logo of a crowdfunding platform.

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Rekola is the biggest bike sharing company in Czechia. They want to scale to more cities and countries. Together, we created a new business strategy and sales materials to help them tackle the scaling challenge.

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We created a personalised gifts selling platform. Jack created a business opportunity in reaching a highly local customers via Facebook.

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We prototyped and integrated Facebook chatbot to replace their email newsletter.

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How we work

We take an utmost care to understand broad environments. We are driven to solve complex problems. We are excited to discover new horizons.


For every new endeavor, we make sure to build strong foundations. We listen carefully to all sides involved, discovering each of their needs.


Then it is time to play.
We plug and shape the technologies to deliver the most tangible experience. Then we test them to their limits.


We will not just deliver the plan on how to fly. We will make sure we'll fly together.

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