Status Quack


The current reality is changing constantly... and that's great. Looking deeper, some aspects are slower than others and need a bit of a push. We accelerate things away from their status quos and enjoy the process as they do so. Hop on board, we love a great company.

Want to know more on how we do it? Read our manifesto.


We are designers, but more importantly we're friends. Together, we have a bunch of projects behind us, and have even lived together for a few years. We can trust each other and so can you.

Martin Andrle

Product Designer

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Jan Antonín Kolář

Business Designer

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Nathalie Chemayel

Growth Designer

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Zuzana Maderová

Expansion Designer

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When we face the problems we need external help. We invite these experts. Yup, start getting excited about applying their pearls of wisdom.

Jiří Zlatohlávek

Experience Designer

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Stanislav Mokrý

Visual Designer

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Vladimír Mokrý

Multidisciplinary Designer

Core capabilities

We love designing vital solutions, excelling in:

AProduct Design

We design products and services for people with both business and tech viability in mind.


UX/UI design


BGrowth Strategy

Once we know where the product fits. We are all onboard to scale it.

Business & Marketing Strategy

Organization Design

Customer Experience

CVisual Design

We turn ideas into tangible and realisable visual concepts.

Branding & Visual Identity

Concept Art